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why the eco blade is a cut above the rest

The Eco Blade combines three crucial actions to ensure a comprehensive approach to weed management.
1) Cutting: The Eco Blade effectively cuts through woody weeds, clearing them from your land.

2) Mulching: In addition to cutting, it mulches the woody weed tops, creating a light layer of mulch. This process clears the visible weeds and contributes to a healthier land. Mulching isn't just about removing the gorse canopy; it's about unlocking your land's potential. Once mulched, the seed bank in the ground starts germination, leading to the growth of new, desirable plant species.

3) Herbicide Treatment: Perhaps the most critical aspect is the painting application. After cutting and mulching, the Eco Blade wipes the cut stumps (killing off the root system). This is similar to the hand-cutting and painting method but is executed on a much larger scale.

more advantages

Minimal Chemical Usage: The Eco Blade targets the weed's root system being cut with herbicide, resulting in a significantly lower amount of chemicals used.
Effective Mulching: It reduces the weed tops to a light layer of mulch, improving the land's overall health.
Encourages Growth of Grasses: The Eco Blade uses appropriate chemicals that allow for the growth of grasses and other desired vegetation, helping restore the land.
Weather-Resilient: The Eco Blade can treat woody weeds in adverse weather conditions that might hinder other treatments.
Year-Round Operation: With only rain, wet ground conditions, or extreme heat as potential limitations, the Eco Blade operates throughout the year.
Minimized Chemical Drift: Most of the chemical used is contained within the Eco Blade, reducing the risk of chemical drift off target.
Immediate and Permanent Weed Destruction: The Eco Blade provides immediate and permanent destruction of the weed being treated.

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mulching vs eco blade


Mulching shreds the woody weed above ground but doesn't apply chemicals. This means the root system remains healthy, and the weed has a high likelihood of regrowth. The mulch created can even enhance the germination of new seedlings.

Eco Blade

The Eco Blade mulches the weed tops and applies herbicide to the cut stumps, which are immediately sealed into the root system. This ensures the complete elimination of the weed. It also appears to inhibit new seedlings' growth, breaking the weed renewal cycle on your land.
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